Monday, October 30, 2006

ABR, another taking-off litblog

After a tentative start, Australian Book Review has revamped its blog and is now functioning as a comments-enabled team effort. It's already shaping up as a lively and eclectic space, and if editor Peter Rose keeps up that level of reportage will soon turn into an alpha source of inside information and goss. To say nothing of raising -- and re-drawing -- the literary profile of Adders, which would be all to the good.


Ralph said...

ABR Blog masthead: "Welcome to the official blog of Australian Book Review, Australia's leading literary magazine." What, has 'Meanjin' folded?


KLG said...

Hi Ralph. I can't work out whether you're joking or not, so, just in case not: Meanjin hasn't ever been exclusively literary, and hasn't even been mainly literary since about
*counts on fingers*
four editors ago. It also only comes out four times a year, compared with ABR's ten. And I think you'll find the latter's circulation is higher.

Besides, isn't this just the sort of thing that all magazines say about themselves? :-)

Ralph said...

Hello Kerryn,

Yes, ambiguous – my apologies.

Perhaps you’re right, maybe it is the kind of thing magazines say about themselves. I guess - I’m afraid - I was at least half serious: I appreciate your points regarding higher circulation and more issues per annum, but issues of ‘best’ simply raise notions with me of being in a race. Forget the race I say, settle for generosity... :)


genevieve said...

The latest Meanjin is entirely rock and roll, I had a browse in Readings the other day. The prior issue was about cities and also very suave.