Saturday, July 08, 2006

In memory of Lisa Bellear, 'not one for the easy road'

Aboriginal poet, photographer, activist, scholar and all-round comedian Lisa Bellear died in her sleep at home last week, of as-yet-unknown causes.

Lisa was a Goernpil/Noonuccal woman from Stradbroke Island in Queensland, living and working in Melbourne. She was 45.

She was one of the funniest people I've ever met. She was a wonderful advocate for Aboriginal causes. She was outspoken, energetic, brave, and a joy to be around.

Here's a poem of Lisa's that I've borrowed from scepticlawyer's blog.

Hanover Street Brunswick 3056
(On a bright sunny afternoon)

Cruisin' - on my way with a keen
sense of purpose: milk (full cream),
toasting bread, cigarettes, papers
...a woman's day

Sensor rays connect with a thirty
centimetre 'white' child who sits
joyously on a three-wheeled
plastic bike

I feel safe enough to share
my smile

As we check each other over
with carefree knowing smiles -
his parents raise their heads
through the pruned rose bush

In twenty years time will
he remember this warrior woman?
I wonder

For more on Lisa, in an Age article from two years ago, go here.


Sophie said...

Lisa was a wonderful woman. This is such sad news.

waynequilliam said...

A good friend and an amazing woman, she inspired me to be not only a better photographer but a better person. I will miss her passion and humour.
'Lisa, never forgotten always loved'

skepticlawyer said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts everyone.

Paul Smith said...

I'm so sorry to hear about such a tragic news. As soon as I finish to write my paper, I will be able find more poems of an Aboriginal poet, photographer, activist, scholar and all-round comedian Lisa Bellear.